Estate Planning

US Tax Advisory

We have the expertise to provide tax advice, planning, and compliance services (US Tax Returns and Tax Forms preparation) for individuals and corporations, subject to the US tax system. Angelos Kostopoulos is a licensed preparer registered with the IRS. We are members of the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP)

US Trusts

Our experienced trust lawyers assist in establishing US Trusts to protect the interests the beneficiaries. Our services extend to Trust management and collateral banking.

Corporate & Personal Services

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We encourage our clients to resolve legal disputes under internationally acceptable arbitration standards.

Commercial Law

We provide extensive commercial legal advisory to ensure that contracts are equitably negotiated, and that the agreements are compliant with local and international laws.

Criminal Law

We have a separate and extensive criminal law practice in Albania with collaborating firms in Greece.

US Private Pensions

Our firm provides advice on US Private Pensions Plans and establishes Individual Retirement Accounts.

US Social Security Services

We contact the Social Security Administration and determine whether someone qualifies for a US pension, draft and file all the required applications and documentation and provide advice in the cases that fall under the Social Security Totalization Agreement.


We guide our clients through sensitive, transnational investigations thereby accessing information and intelligence essential for them to make knowledgeable decisions.

US Banking Facilities

We assist in properly preparing all the required documentation for the opening of US bank accounts, ensuring that account applications comply with the internal due diligence requirements and conform to anti-money laundering regulations.

US Company Formation & Accounting

We assist in setting up US Companies after choosing the appropriate type of business entity and the State of incorporation, ensuring that the correct documentation is submitted for approval. Once approved, our firm provides professional accounting and tax services.

Immigration Services

Hellenic Citizenship

Cognizant of Greek Immigration Laws, we assist in collecting all the documents required to attain citizenship. Our expertise extends to registering applicants with the Greek Municipalities and Authorities and drafting and filing all the paperwork necessary for Greek Citizenship.

US Citizenship & Immigration Services

Our team coordinates the entire process of US citizenship and immigration procedures. We assist in collecting all the necessary documentation for the acquisition of the US Citizenship and preparing the immigration and naturalization applications after ensuring that all eligibility requirements are met.

Family Services

Albanian, Hellenic & US Inheritance Law

Our multi-jurisdictional expertise allows us to provide complete inheritance services that conform to the varied requirements of the separate domains. We locate the deceased’s assets, conduct title searches to ensure the title is clear, investigate the existence of Wills, probate a Will, have a US Will recognized in Albania and Greece and vice versa, procure all the certificates required for someone to accept or reject the inheritance.

Hellenic Military Conscription Services

We assist male persons, born abroad, between the age of 19 and 45, who have Greek Citizenship and are registered in the male Registry to be placed and enlisted in the Greek Armed Forces.